1) Get Started

To develop the Promotional Product Plan for your project, Promo India will ask you to provide us with as much background as you can about the project. Your detailed information and upfront understanding of the needs together with our expert knowledge in trends, existing products/components, and comparable budgeting will get the project off to a winning start.

2) Product Designing

We'll walk you through our recommendations and provide conceptual drawings, proto-type modelling, fabric and materials. If you choose an existing item, we will provide a sample free of charge. If you decide to go custom, we will guide you through those additional steps after the proposal review.

3) Written Proposal

For existing or modified items, we will provide a written proposal within 24 hrs; orders involving a high level of customization will be processed within 48 hrs. We'll include freight charges and schedules based on your timeline and needs. Once the proposal is approved, we will put the best manufacturer on your job, who will produce a pre-production sample to your product specifications.

4) Pre-Production

The pre-production sample, which will exactly match the actual finished product, will be sent to you for your review and approval. The project won't move forward without feedback and final approvals.

5) Production and Shipment

We'll determine the production schedule based on quantities needed, product type, product, and time of year. Throughout the production process, your product will be inspected for quality. We'll book and schedule freight - and hold our factories to this timeline. You'll be updated every step of the way so you can be aware of the project's status.

With the pre-shipping check, it takes two days to pack your order, get it to port, and complete and file the appropriate paperwork, ensuring your order isn't held up. Goods set sail within two days and take 20-25 days, depending on size of shipment. We handle the pre-clearance, customs, and final clearance paperwork in the Indian office.

6) Delivery

The moment you've been waiting for: final delivery of your promotional products. Once freight is cleared through customs, it will be brought to our warehouse, repacked, palletized, and taken by truck or rail to you or your customer's door. If you choose road or rail, we will make arrangements for final delivery. If you would prefer, we can arrange to use your third-party carrier to pick up the freight after it clears customs and deliver it to your designated location.